Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2018

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2018    

As every year on Shavuot, the Abu Ghosh Shavuot Festival is held in the Jerusalem hills. Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2018  guide .

This is one of the most beautiful festival in Israel held against the Abu Gosh's enchanted landscape and its surroundings, with classical music concerts, concerts with dozens of guest bands, good food in Abu Ghosh restaurants, a celebration of the five senses.

Concert No. 4 - Masterpieces by Handel, Bach, Marcello

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2018
Handel, Bach, Marcello performed by the Tel Aviv Chamber Choir and the Barrocade Orchestra

 Concert No. 7 - the finest professional choir from Vilna, Lithuania– Jauna Muzika

 19.05.2018 Shavuot Festival 2018 in Abu Ghosh
Bach, Mendelssohn, Stabat Mater for choir and organ, Lithuanian folk songs and spirituals

Jauna Muzika

Jauna Muzika

 Concert No. 12 - Modalius Ensemble - Ladino and Renaissance

Abu Ghosh Saturday, 19.05.2018

 16:15 Crusader Church - Crypt

Ladino - "Sirena", "Tapuah Edom", "Dorma, Dorma", "Why do not you sing," "The Rose is blossoming"
Alonso Mudra - "Isabelle"
Juan del Anzina - "Today we shall eat"
Juan Ambrosio Dalese - "Spaniola", "PIVA"

אבו גוש שבועות 2018 כרטיסים

אבו גוש שבועות 2018 כרטיסים

 Concert No. 9 in the green fields of Scotland

Abu Gosh Friday, 18.05.2018

 Church of the Crusader - Crypt 14:00 

Participants: Einat Aronstein: Soprano Ofira Zakai: Lute in the program: "Simcha for My Love" - Anonymous Scotty, "In a Garden So Green" - Anonymous Scotty, "The Arava Crying," "Three Crows

Abu Ghosh Music Festival 2018 Dates

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival 2018 date is from Friday 18.5.2018 to Sunday, 20.5.2018

The festival has accumulated a real seniority and this is the 53rd festival that takes place in the place! Respect! The concerts take place in unique acoustic spaces in the church halls.

Recommended restaurants in Abu Ghosh for Shavuot Music Festival 2018

The original Abu Shukri, Address: Derech Hashalom 13 Abu Ghosh Much more than skewers

Karavan meeting, Address: Derech Hashalom 27, Abu Gosh, Sinai and Makluba facing the view

The Lebanese Restaurant in Abu Ghosh Oriental Restaurant Address: Road Shalom 88 Abu Gosh

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