Keshet 12 reshet 13 Channel 10 Channel 14 The new channels

Keshet 12 reshet 13 Channel 10 Channel 14 The new channels list

Review of the new channel numbers. Channel 2 Network broadcasts Channel 2 Keshet broadcasts

After the holidays they come to the screen. One by one, the new Channel 2 franchisees offer their best programs to make you press their number on the remote control. So Get the X-Factor Israel The new season begins on Wednesday, October 18, with Shiri Maimon, Ivri Lider, Moshe Peretz, Sablinimil and Raphael Bar. Ready On Channel 13 Network, The Race For One Million The sixth season, Wednesday and Saturday, starting on October 21, and the collection of the excellent reality shows of Keshet 12 "Master Chef", a new and tasty season, the next star together, the investigative program is a fact.

Keshet 12 reshet 13 Channel 10 Channel 14 The new channels list

קשת 12 רשת 13 ערוץ 10 בערוץ 14 רשימת הערוצים החדשה 

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List channels by number of channels on the remote control

Channel 11 Here is the former Israeli Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Authority
Channel 12 broadcasts the former Channel 2 network
Channel 13 broadcasts the former Channel 2 network
Channel 10 broadcasts Channel 10 on Channel 10

The new numbers of Channel 2 will be valid for any TV company including HOT or YES and as TV viewers we will only have to click on the remote control and choose a watch channel or rather choose the best broadcast package of the alternatives with TV broadcasts on the internet, By tens of percentage

A package for 50 NIS?

It's neither a dream nor a mirage! The broadcast packages, which sometimes cost hundreds of shekels per month for unnecessary packages that are not seen by most cable or bite subscribers, are replaced by limited channel packages by the new television companies Cellcom Partner and Triple C, which offers a basic package for NIS 50, A smart viewing experience PartnerTV also offers an affordable package that includes "dozens of TV channels that you know and love (including Channel 2 and Channel 10), rich content for children, sports channels and a variety of VOD series and movies"

Partner tv

The most affordable TV package 69 NIS per month or Triple Triple package for the home at a very good price Partner TV + Internet: Infrastructure  and  provider + home phone line
129 NIS per month Website 08/07/2017




מצאתם טעות דווחו לנו ונתקן לחצו כאן לעמוד צור קשר 

המספרים החדשים של ערוץ 2 טבלת הערוצים החדשים של ערוץ 2 ערוץ 10 ורשימת חברות לשידורי טלוויזיה השוואת מחירים של חבילות שידור בין הוט יס סלקום אורנג

While the war between the television channels is heating up and the communications market is about to suffer a shake-up, even in the cable and satellite sectors, the Internet is heating up. Triple Hot offers new offers from time to time in order to compete in the new TV and Internet packages market. HOT TV packages are the oldest broadcasting entity compared to YES Levin and the other new Internet-based companies. Therefore, the prices of packages are also expected to reach the network, Cellcom Cable has long passed the threshold of 100,000 subscribers, and the answer to the question of how much HOT charges per month or triple is already a non-uniform type and depends on the customer's identity and the bargaining power of both new and non-new customers