Tel-Aviv Day Tours Best Price Best experience

  Tel-Aviv Day Tours Best Price Best experience

Tel aviv tourist guide
Get to know Tel Aviv with a people who live in the city


tel aviv Tel-Aviv Day Tours

there are alot things to see tel aviv even for tel aviv in one day so we We will recommend about places to go in tel aviv And invite you to a guided walk in person, one on one, or within the group of up to 7 people to know the corners of the charm and the good places in the White City best places to visit in tel aviv

Tel Aviv tours in small groups or personal and couple

following the fascinating history of Tel Aviv. Take a day trip on a variety of topics around Tel Aviv attractions. The tour prices in Tel Aviv include small entrances and drinks during the tour.

Our Tel-Aviv Day Tours in Tel Aviv Attractions in Tel Aviv One day trip to Tel Aviv


A tour following the great love stories of Tel Aviv

In this story there are all the materials from which dreaming love, passionate love, treachery intrigues and poets who sacrificed themselves for the sake of unrequited love. Come to know the houses and courtyards of little Tel Aviv, populated by poets sand water on distant or near love, secret loves for married women, and the beginning of the life of the gay city in the Middle East

Courage and Glory A tour of Israel's underground and Israel's War of Independence

Love and war in the quiet streets of Tel Aviv. They fought and loved. The bustling streets of Tel Aviv do not reveal the subject of a trip to Tel Aviv's top secret Tel Aviv. Do not tell anyone that tonight we will evade the British Expedition and go to visit the homes of underground leaders from 1948. What famous leader hid in the dress of a woman, who disguised himself as a religious rabbi and who died in the arms of his betrayed beloved

Graffiti tour in Tel Aviv A three hour tour in Tel Aviv

Museums in Tel Aviv are not lacking, but one of the largest museums in the city dispenses free tickets and displays throughout the city. The graffiti art of Tel Aviv is scattered all over the city and carries with it a series of social protests, messages about unrequited love and artists who do magic on paint on the walls of the city. This tour is free of charge but at the end you are invited to leave a tip for the tour guide.