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tel aviv attractions tourism

there are alot things to see tel aviv even for tel aviv in one day so we We will recommend about places to go in tel aviv And invite you to a guided walk in person, one on one, or within the group of up to 7 people to know the corners of the charm and the good places in the White City best places to visit in tel aviv

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sarona market

A food market established on a German colony from the middle of the last century. Offers local cuisine with food from all over the world. A very exciting culinary place, a 10 minute walk from Dizengoff Center

the carmel market tel aviv

An authentic market that has hardly changed in the last 60 years. Brings you flavors fresh vegetables, spectacular fruits, special sweet, sounds and goods from around the world alongside authentic restaurants and bars until the wee hours of the night Ten minutes walk from Dizengoff Center five minutes walk from the beach

Turkish Railway Complex

Suitable for night entertainment and certainly one of the best of tel aviv top attractions On an old railway station from the days of Turkish rule was established entertainment complex, bars, fashion and music of the most beautiful in the world. On the Tel Aviv beach on the way to Jaffa, whose minarets create a romantic, Middle Eastern atmosphere

There is nothing like Jaffa at night

Sometimes it is best to go to Jaffa mainly at night. One of the best tel aviv tourist attractions. Opposite the towers of Tel Aviv Jaffa stands out in its ancient landscape and in a new port. Between ancient alleys you can see galleries and antiques in the city square with hookahs and pastries you can get excited by the legends about the most romantic city in the Middle East and certainly one of the best places in tel aviv

Levinsky Market

What to see tel aviv If you are planning a day in tel aviv and especially if you want to enjoy a place with free tel aviv you should go to the Levinsky market in the south of the city. A quarter of an hour's walk from Rothschild Boulevard, an Israeli flavor market is next to spice shops, cheeses, almonds, pistachios and fresh bars, where you can have a great beer after a meal in a Persian or Turkish restaurant