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The years that go by not only do not exhaust the charm of Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, but also add and update the urban flavor of Rothschild Boulevard. Restaurants and actually every tour of Rothschild Boulevard is a real experience both in the drink and on weekdays.

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A romantic trip with a couple on a Shabbat or a family trip of two hours each season under the trees and between the kiosks of the boulevard and the historic urban landscape of the beginning of Tel Aviv and the establishment of the state are a local pleasure. The trip to Leshano this time is free and starts on Rothschild Boulevard, Rothschild Market Area. Beyond the crossing are several coffee shops with rich menus that offer breakfasts on Rothschild Boulevard. In fact, all the cafes in front of the International Bank building, which houses and preserves the local community council building, are a great place to have a meal or a light lunch on Rothschild Boulevard.

Along the boulevard are a number of nostalgic buildings and homes planned by Ze'ev Rechter, 1933 or architect Yosef 1929

Rothschild Boulevard restaurants

Rothschild Bistro 9 Rothschild Blvd

Ashmoret Rotchild Blvd

Annabel's 11 Rothschild Blvd

Max Brenner Rothschild Boulevard

Parsley Rothschild Boulevard

Armadillo one of the peopleTony and Vespa 140 Rothschild Blvd. near the Habima Theater

Ending a tour of Rothschild Boulevard in the Habima theater 

We will tour the boulevard at the Habima National Theater and the Mann Auditorium. The place functions as a playground for children and also as an end for a romantic trip for a couple on Saturday or Friday night. Take a breath, have a cup of coffee in one of the cafes and if you have the strength you can get from here to Dizengoff Center 5 minutes walk or continue towards Rabin Square through Chen Boulevard 

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