Is there a treasure in the island of Oak?

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Is there a treasure in the island of Oak?

Is exciting the imagination of treasure hunters for more than 200 years, is mysterious, it can be deadly is elusive and not sure not at all exists. So is the mother in Oak Island? For this in the article before us - treasure in the island of Oak

At the end of the fifth season of the Curse Island Curse Program on the History Channel, we have not yet received an answer as to whether a treasure is found on the island of Oak.


Treasure of the oak Island Season 5


It all began with a book I had already lost and a bold book about the great mysteries of the world of the mid-eighties.

Among the bizarre cases that kept me awake from sight, I had been with him for years.

In the long guard of the military service, facing the freezing first reserve, I used to think, How can I discover the treasure one day.


Far from the post when I remove the vest and the combat uniform and the cold Galilon I will replace the metal detector.


Is there a treasure on the island of Oak by the brothers lagina


Thirty years have passed since then. Something else fulfilled my dream. The Brothers lagina are playing the United States. Empty to the eldest lagina, he read about the same mystery and swept his brother Marty into the lagina.


It is not because they have money and they are smart and are partners in the tourism company of the island of Oak. They probably just dreamed more than I did.

In the days before the Internet and the History Channel in direct viewing, I often wondered if there was a treasure on the island of Oak?


Now I know the answers about treasure in the island of Oak


A few years ago, the treasure hunt began on the island of Oak. A small oak island off the coast of Canada. Somewhere over 200 years ago he had found a nice boy called a wooden pulley, and underneath it was a soft earth that looked as if the island were covering a freshly washed hole.


Recall that reading is not well versed in the history of the place, because the island and the entire region shelter and refuge for pirates who were active in the area.


In those days there were no virtual coins and if you had a treasure or a few coins, it was important to have somewhere to hide them.

Stories such as Treasure Island grew out of such legends. But Oak Island is a real treasure island.


A treasure trove of human curiosity, a desire to transcend the elements, to find treasures and to reach the first gold.

The days of gold rush days and everyone wants to find precious metals, preferably with chemical simulations of Au.


Is there a treasure in the island of Oak?


After five seasons of digging we have plenty of finds, many small discoveries under the myth of Oak Island and the accursed treasure.

But was there a treasure on the island of Oak? Definitely not. Certainly not one that will open the CNN newscast and rewrite history.


Discoveries and treasures found on Oak Island


Deep in the mud of Smith Bay there is a very mysterious Templar cross and really, but really, not part of the area. It is dated to around the 12th century AD during the Crusades

A 500-year-old red gemstone (gemstone brooch, not ruby) was discovered in one of the plots that Fred Nolan had previously mapped. Nolan together in the Lancashio Sr are the most important treasure hunters who operated on the island.

Human bones dating back to the 15th century, a man of Middle Eastern origin, were discovered at a depth of tens of meters in the silver pit, thousands of kilometers from their source and at an unacceptable depth

A fifteenth-century Spanish coin found in filtered egg water


the curse of oak island Season 6


The network has already written about the beginning of filming of the cursed island treasure season 6. There is no limit to curiosity.

The mysterious island of oaks is certainly not as innocent as it seems to us.


That's why the fifth season team treasure the cursed island must, but really must solve the mystery once and for all!


A treasure is found on the island of Oak for the sixth season of the Curse Island Treasure Review of the treasures found on the island of Oak Island.

What are the chances of finding the great treasure hidden on the island and all the good reasons to wait for the new chapters of the accursed Treasure Island?